Aurora Amontillado (50cl), Bodegas Yuste


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Aurora Amontillado Sherry Bodegas Yuste (50cl) 

A delicious and nutty sherry with racy acidity. There’s some sea salt flavours in addition, nicely balanced however by caramel, walnuts and pecans. Great structure lifted firstly by crisp acidity. A fantastic wine with a slightly smoky finish.

Country: Spain

Region: Barrio Alto

Grape: Palomino

Volume: 50cl 

ABV: 19%

Vintage: NV

Suitable for Vegans: Yes 

Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes

Food pairing: Serve this Amontillado chilled with charred vegetables, toasted nuts or even smoked chicken.

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Aurora Amontillado Bodegas Yuste 50cl – £19

According to the Bodegas Yuste guys on their website, this Palomino is part of a range of sherries named after the widow Aurora Ambrosse Lacave. 

This dry sherry is produced from Manzanilla Pasada in a solera system. The solera was started in 1991 and the wine is aged in the Bodega Los Ángeles. The Bodega is located in the upper district of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Barrio Alto.

The ABV of 19% indicates some evaporation and concentration. This sherry shows notes of racy acidity with excellent salinity. You will find notes of caramel, walnuts and pecans. The palate is therefore beautifully balanced. We serve this dry sherry chilled as an aperitif but would pair beautifully with truffles, smoky mushrooms and even artichokes.

If you like this drop, you’re bound to enjoy our Oloroso and for something sweeter this Marsala is not to be missed!

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