• premium natural wine
    Premium Natural Wines - Sommelier's Six A carefully curated case of six outstanding wines, all minimal intervention and totally mind-blowing. Don’t miss out on this deal, these wines are truly special. Happy drinking!
  • In the late 19th century, our ancestor Petrera Nicola decided to build his home within the winery and chose the hill called Spinomarino, for its lofty, well-aired and sunny position, among the best ones in the entire area of Gaudella (South-eastern area of Gioia del Colle) to grow Primitivo grapes. Ruby red intense colour with violet glares. Scent and taste typically fruity of berries and slightly of black sour cherry and plum with some spicy and balsamic notes. A perfect balance of smoothness, freshness and minerality. Aftertaste of toasted almond, typical of a natural authentic Primitivo of Gioia del Colle.
  • In 1962, 19 vine growers from San Marzano, whose families had farmed the land for generations, combined their efforts to establish 'Cantine San Marzano'. Through the decades this cooperative has grown significantly, attracting over 1,200 vine growers. This is a bone-dry Verdeca which shows a richness of aromatics: white flowers, crisp green apple and a hint of honey. This Verdeca is full flavoured, with a creamy texture and a long and intense finish.